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When you’ve been charged with a state or federal crime in the United States, it’s important that you have the right lawyer to handle your case and protect your rights against government abuses. Work with Rudy Castillo Law Firm today to start putting together your best case and to minimize the impact of your charges on you and your family.


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Our office has represented clients in courthouses from San Antonio to Austin, Del Rio, El Paso, Laredo, New Braunfels, Seguin, and up to Dallas, Texas to help preserve your rights no matter where you are in Texas. Our experience with criminal and immigration cases will work to your benefit as we advocate your position to hold the government to their burden, protecting innocent individuals and corporations.


Great defense for your criminal charges

– Illegal reentry

– Cash bulk smuggling

– Conspiracy

– Identity theft

– Driving while intoxicated

– Drug cases

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